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Department of Mapping and Land Consolidation
Radlinského 11, Block A, 5th floor, 810 05 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Head of Department: Ing. Róbert Fencík, PhD.
tel.: +421 2 592 74 325, +421 2 592 74 352, +421 2 524 94 330

The Department of Mapping and Land Consolidation is involved in the education of students in the areas of Mapping, Land Consolidation, Cartography and Cadastral Mapping. The educational and research acti­vities are backed by geodetic instruments and a computer graphics laboratory. The research focus of the Department is oriented at the legal adoption of maps from the point of view of content and technical pa­rameters, the geometric definition of a plot with optimal accuracy in defining the bounda­ries of different substructures, problems of the optimal organisation of land and the dimen­sions and shapes of plots (ground units, blocks, strips of land), area representation and the optimal organisation of biotechnical elements in a country, improvement of the conventio­nal and automated creation and development of maps, and construction, standardisation and utilisation of cartographic databases.
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