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E-application form to study at SvF STU

1. Click on E-application form

2. Choose from the following:

  • Enter the e-application register as a new user
  • Enter the e-application register as a registered user
  • Enter the e-application register as an AIS user

How to apply

3. Select the faculty which you wish to apply to (Faculty of Civil Engineering - SvF STU)

How to apply

4. Select the type of study (Bachelor or Master or Doctoral)

How to apply

5. Select the type of admission procedure. Students can choose between three types of study programmes:

  • Study programmes held in Slovak language
    How to apply
  • Study programme held in English language (B-CExA Civil Engineering)
  • Study programme held in English and Slovak language (B-CE Civil Engineering)
    How to apply

Attention: Students who choose to study B-CE Civil Engineering programme must have good knowledge of both English and Slovak language.

6. If the student entered the e-application register as a new user, the student has to register first.

How to apply

7. After registration a new username and a password will be generated for the student. The displayed credentials will not appear again once the page is re-entered. Please remember the credentials. You will need them later when filling in the application.

How to apply

8. After selecting the study programme, please fill in the application form.

How to apply

9. Fill in the following sections:

  • Personal information
  • Applicant´s addresses
  • Secondary school marks (required for applying for any bachelor study programme)

Note: Secondary school grades need to be filled in AIS based on the Slovak grading system. Therefore, if the grading system in your institution differs, please fill in the grades based on the Slovak grading system.

Example: If the best grade in your educational institution is “5” (or A) fill it in as “1”.

If the applicant cannot provide grades from the last year of their secondary school at the time of applying, they are not obliged to fill this column in AIS. However, the applicant needs to send a document about the conversion of received grades to student coordinators as soon as possible.

How to apply

10. Based on the chosen type of study, upload all required documents and make the payment. The system will generate your individual variable symbol. Provide your name and the abbreviation of the study programme you applied for in the notice to the beneficiary.

How to apply

Note: If you see a red exclamation mark next to any section, it means that it is not complete. In that case enter the section and complete it. All sections have to be filled in in order to send the application form.

11. Check all the provided information. If all sections are green Green, all necessary documents are uploaded, and the application fee is paid then click on: send e-application form.

12. After sending the e-application form you will receive a confirmation email. The decision about admitting to studies will be sent to your address via post office (to all applicants) and via email (to applicants from non-EU countries) when the decision about admission has been made.

If you have any problems regarding the admission process, please, contact the student coordinators.