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Department of Theoretical Geodesy and Geoinformatics

Department of Theoretical Geodesy cooperates in following international projects:

Project title:
CERGOP-2/Environment - a Multipurpose and Interdisciplinary Sensor Array for Environmental Research in Central Europe
Principal investigator within Slovak University of Technology:
doc. Ing. Marcel Mojzes, PhD.
Project is focused on monitoring of Earth's crust movements in central Europe, which is about 15% of the continent surface. The aim is velocities determination of selected points in seismic active areas during 10 years. The project will define coordinates of the entire CEGRN network (about 100 stations) with better than 5 mm accuracy using GPS/GLONASS systems (in the future also GALILEO) each year. Subset of stations will observed permanently which enable obtain daily filtrated coordinates time series with better than millimeter accuracy.
The project outcome will be velocities determination of five points in Slovakia, which will be used in designing of complex technical work, such as permanent nuclear waste storages, tunnels, etc.