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The Faculty's international activities focus on the following priorities:

  • co-operation with faculties, departments, and institutions active in research and development in various civil and environmental engineering disciplines
  • promotion of the Faculty's participation in multilateral research programmes with special emphasis on EU projects
  • supporting activities enhancing the Slovak University of Technology's international status as
    a research university
  • active participation in existing programmes of international co-operation, such as TEMPUS,
    the 5th Framework Program, LEONARDO, SOCRATES and CEEPUS.

The Faculty is currently affiliated with more than 60 international governmental and non-governmental scientific organisations. The Faculty is an active member of the International Association of Civil Engineering Faculties (IACEF) and a guest member at the Permanent Conference of the German-Speaking Countries' Civil Engineering Faculties. In recent years the international activities of the Faculty have been supported through participation in several TEMPUS and CEEPUS projects, the TEMPRA programme supported by the French Government, the SALP programme supported by the British Council, and projects funded by diverse governmental and independent foundations, such as Fulbright grants, DAAD grants, the British Government's Know-how Fund, the Open Society Fund, and various NATO, COST, and the 5th Framework Program projects. These have significantly strengthened the Faculty's professional profile, improved its computer and laboratory equipment and enriched its libraries. More than 50 students and PhD. students of the Faculty have taken part in study programmes abroad.