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will be given in English by Ms.Tone Skogen (Deputy Director General from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Norway). The lecture will be followed by an open discussion on the topic “Energy and Climate Policy – Norwegian Perspective” and will be held in the Rector’s meeting room, STU on Vazovova Street No.5, on the 3rd floor on November 27, 2008 at 10:00 a.m.

The world is in need of increasingly more energy in order to achieve economic growth and get people out of poverty. Expert estimates tell us that we will depend on fossil fuels as a dominating part of the energy mix for decades to come. This implies increased emissions of greenhouse gases. The challenge facing us is thus: how can we secure energy supply and at the same time meet the climate challenge. Norway firmly believes this is achievable. We combine the role of being a big producer of oil and gas with ambitions and plans to meet the climate challenge.