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Are you new at the school, do you want to belong somewhere? 
Do you know English and you don't have any opportunity to practice it ?
Would you like to travel through Europe for minimum cost ?
Do you like organizing events and meeting new people?
Do you have lot of free time and you don't want waste it for silly things ?
Do you want to learn something new?

If there was at least one answer yes, we would like to invite you on our recruitment in to the student organization BEST!

Where and when?
30.10. 2013 (Wednesday) 19:00 we will wait for you in our office, which is located at FEI, block E (in student club).

Who we are?
We are students like you!
Best means Board of European Students of Technology. We act at 94 technical universities in 33 countries of Europe and we have 3500 members. We offer additional education in several ways . Like courses, workshops, we organized student engineering competitions, but also some leisure courses and activities.

What we can offer to you?
You can entry experiences like team work, experiences with PR( public relations), HR (human resources), you can try how is it organize 2 weeks event for 30 people, be a part of international events and improve your CV. Of course you will have a lot of fun , meet a lot of people from whole Europe.

Looking forward to see you!

More information you can find: