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The Faculty of Civil Engineering enables students to study abroad. Students can participate in Erasmus+ programmes. Erasmus+ study stay or Erasmus+ mobility for studies means spending part of your studies (one or two semesters) in a country which takes part in the Erasmus+ programme. The study period abroad is fully recognised by your home university and it replaces the corresponding period of studies at your home institution. After you have finished the stay abroad, your host university issues an official document confirming the completion of the agreed courses (educational components) together with the transcript of records.

Outgoing students

Domestic students may participate in Erasmus+ programmes after fulfilling several requirements:

  • the student has to complete the first year of their Bachelor studies,
  • when starting and carrying out mobility abroad, the student must be enrolled at STU,
  • the student must be a citizen of the Slovak Republic, an EU Member State or of another country participating in the programme, or who has their permanent residence in  Slovakia, or has no citizenship, or has the refugee status in the SR,
  • a student studying at the Slovak University of Technology who has the permanent residence outside Slovakia cannot participate in mobility in their country of residence.

The admission process is organized by the university office. Guidelines for submitting the application can be found here.

Incoming students

Students who are considering to study at the Faculty of Civil Engineering can do so by applying to the Erasmus+ programme. The administration process starts at your home university where you apply to an equivalent study programme at our faculty. Our student coordinators receive your application through the academic system. Subsequently, they contact you electronically with further details. The admission process is organized by the university office. Guidelines for submitting the application can be found here.

Offered study programmes are:

  • Bachelor study programmes - B-CExA
  • Master study programmes - I-CExA

General information for incoming students, e.g. accommodation, costs of living, transport, insurance, etc. can be found here.

Useful contacts

Ing. Michaela Anna Jurkovičová, Institutional ERASMUS+ coordinator
Phone: +421 917 669 320

Marcela Cabadajová, Erasmus student coordinator
Phone: +421 2 32 888 647
E-mail: marcela.cabadajova@stuba.sk

Mgr. Ľubica Michalíková, Erasmus student coordinator
Phone: +421 2 32 888 647
E-mail: lubica.michalikova@stuba.sk

Elena Trochtová, Accommodation coordinator
Phone: +421 918 664 010
E-mail: elena.trochtova@stuba.sk

Useful links

Erasmus student network - Slovakia

Representative organization for students

Partner universities

The Slovak University of Technology has various partner universities which students can attend. For more information see the list of partner universities.

The term freemover has no formal status. It is loosely used to name a student who is accepted to a study at a university in another country, outside of any regular or standard programme (Erasmus or other bilateral agreements). It is possible for students to study using other agreements as well. The Faculty of Civil Engineering is accepting students under inter-university agreements. These students may study under the same rules as other exchange students.

Applications are considered individually in case of free movers and students using other agreements.

The admission process:

  1. Contact study coordinators with your request for studying at the Faculty of Civil Engineering.
  2. The student receives an application form and other documents to fill in.
  3. Send the Application form and other documents, learning agreement, accommodation form and a copy of your European medical insurance card*, to the study coordinator.
  4. If the Faculty accepts your application, you receive a Letter of Acceptance. The admission period may take about one month.

* The documents may vary depending on the applicant’s country of origin.

Note: If you are planning to take part in any internship at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, choose a department and contact the Head of the department concerning the acceptation before you apply. The list of departments can be found here.