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Department of the Humane Sciences

The Department has focussed its scientific and research activities on the humanization of the engineering and technical education, the environment and the legal aspects of environmental protection and management. Presently, the research is focussed on issues of continuously sustainable growth and globalization from the economic, legal, ecological and political point of view. The members of the Department have extensive publication activities in these areas. The Department has developed intensive cooperation with similar departments at universities of technology in Slovakia and with the Institute of Social Sciences of the Technical University Brno and the Department of Social Sciences CVUT Praha.


The Department is also administering the international project: Tempus Tacis FRELP 25186-2004.

New projekt: VEGA 1/0386/09:


Project summary

Human society is undergoing significant changes. Some of them are symptoms of a crisis of human civilization. Among these belong the predominantly unfavorable environmental situation, solution of the unbearable social situation of the wide strata of populations, mainly in developing countries, and the phenomenon of terrorism. Globalization and its rapid progress, which is seen as a solution to the above problems, is a natural, although internally very contradicting and inconsistent process. However, it conforms to the needs of international capital and insufficiently reflects the wider social and human relations of civilization development. Science and technology hold an irreplaceable position in the development of the human society, including the solution of crisis phenomena. Contemporary civilization, however, does not always sufficiently utilize these potentials. Our research team will examine the position, tasks and possibilities of science and technology in the process of globalization and their concomitant necessary changes in preparing man for them and will orientate itself towards the humanization of education at universities of technology.