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Department of Building Technology

The history of the present department began in 1954, when it was created by the Department of Structural Engineering at the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering (FAPS). Its first head was prof. M. Slabihoud, who headed the department in 1954-1973. In 1981 the original name changed to the Department of Building Technology. The department was headed by prof. Ing. Belo Kintly and after 1989 doc. Ing. Ivan Juricek, PhD. (1990- 1996, 2001-2006) and prof. Ing ,. Jozef Gasparik, PhD. (1997-2000, 2007-2018). Among the members of the department, the position of Vice-Rector of STU was doc. Ing. Vojtech Klimek, PhD. and the function of Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the STU doc. Ing. Oto Makys, PhD. sr., prof. Ing. Jozef Gasparik, PhD., doc. Ing. Ivan Juricek, PhD. and doc. Ing. Peter Makys, PhD.

In the past and present, the development of the department and the scientific department of building technology and construction has been significantly influenced by prof.: M. Slabihoud, B. Kintly, I. Zapletal, J. Gašparík, doc.: Ing. O. Makýš, st., V. Klímek, K. Vlcek, E. Petrik, J. Kolarik, I. Juricek, M. Bozik, O. Makys, P. Makys, Z. Hulinova, V. Somorova, E. Jankovichova, N. Antosova and H. Ellingerova and Ing.: O. Adameová, R. Ivanova, S. Baumgartner, V. Frimm, M. Buciova, A. Gron, J. Bizub, K. Prokopcakova, S. Szalayova, E. Fillova.

The Department develops the science of “building technology” as a complex discipline, the main components of which are the mechanization of construction processes, technology of construction processes, construction and technological designing, construction realization, building and building reconstruction technologies, building maintenance and facility management, quality management, environmental protection, health and safety at work, pathology of buildings, costs and prices, etc.

At present, the department has been accredited for three years in the field of 5.2.8 Civil Engineering 3 study programs: technology and construction management (Bc. Model), technology of construction (Ing. Model) and technology of construction (PhD. Model). There is a lot of interest in studying at our department. Last year there were 100 students at the bachelor's degree, 100 students at the engineering level and 6 graduates at the PhD. level. In the field of science and research, the Department members have implemented and defended more than 7 VEGA projects and 10 international projects (SALPH, TEMPUS, Leonardo da Vinc, Erasmus +). Within the international projects, Ian Chandler from the University of Birmingham and the University of Southampton, David Wyatt and David Rutter from the University of Brighton and prof. Miroslaw Skibniewski of the University of Maryland (USA).

The members of the department actively cooperated with the practice in the field of construction-technological designing, expertise, quality management, facility management, environmental protection and health and safety at work.

In 1996 prof. Gasparík founded the Department of Quality Management in Construction - CEMAKS, which since 1996 has prepared training and consulting activities for more than 200 construction companies to obtain a quality management system certificate according to ISO 9001 and more than 40 construction companies to obtain an integrated management system certificate according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, STN OHSAS 18001. Since 1998, CEMAKS has been a holder of the ISO 9001 quality management system certificate. In addition to the CEMAKS, the Center for the Restoration of Monuments Technology (CeTOP), founded in 2004 by doc. Ing. O. Makys, PhD. jr. and has been active in the field of renovation of buildings, especially listed buildings. The Department of Building Technology organized several important international conferences in the field of development trends in building technologies at home and abroad (Neum-Bosnia and Herzegovina). The International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction ISARC 2010 organized by the Department in Bratislava was of world importance. The members of the department received several important awards: STU medal doc. Ing. Ivan Juricek, PhD. and doc. Ing. Michal Bozik, PhD., Medals of the Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering prof. Ing. Ivan Zapletal, DrSc., doc. Ing. Ivan Juricek, PhD. doc. Ing. Vojtech Klimek, PhD., prof. Ing. Jozef Gasparik, PhD., Medal of the Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering TU Košice prof. Ing. Jozef Gasparik, PhD., The Personality of the Year 2007 award in the area of ​​facility management went to doc. Ing. Viera Somorova, PhD., The National Quality Award of the Slovak Republic awarded by the President of the Slovak Republic in 2008 and the “Professor of the Year 2009” awarded by the Rector of the Slovak University of Technology in 2009 were prof. Gasparik, who has been the Secretary General of the International Association for Automation and Robotics in Construction (IAARC) since 2013, whose headquarters are after TU Eindhoven (The Netherlands) at the Department of Construction Technology. Prof. Gasparik won the IAARC award in Auburn (USA) in Tucker-Hasegawa in 2016. The current members of the department continue to develop the problems of building technology with the use of knowledge and world trends in the field of building technology and information technology applications in streamlining construction technology preparation, BIM issues, building process modeling and management systems.

The basic aim and mission of the department is to satisfy our students, to provide them with the latest world knowledge and thus to prepare them for practical tasks.

We wish the members of the department and students to represent a large family of technologists and construction managers who would like to meet after years and talk in a friendly way.


prof. Ing. Jozef Gasparik, PhD.

Head of the TES Department