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Department of Building Technology
Radlinského 11, Block C, 10th floor, 810 05 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Head of Department:  Prof. Ing. Jozef Gašparík, PhD.
Tel.: +421 2 32 888 599
E-mail: jozef.gasparik@stuba.sk

The Department of Building Techno­logy provides instruction in subjects inclu­ding the Technology of Building Processes, Building Technology, Building-service Tech­nology, Site Equip­ment Theory, Computer-Aided Preconstruction Design, Project Ma­nagement, Preconstruction Design of Reno­vation, Environ­mental Protection During Construction, and Total Quality Manage­ment.

Research activities are mainly focused on the optimisation of site facilities, optimal usage of machines and multiple-machine groups, methods and criteria for optimum decision-making in preconstruction design, pro­ject and maintenance management, total build­ing quality management, environmental protec­tion during construction, biocorrosion of build­ing structures, simulation models of building processes and non-destructive testing, techniques and procedures of building renovation.

The Department maintains an accredited testing laboratory for testing the quality of masonry structures, evaluating the location and thickness of reinforcements and the thick­ness of concrete coverings in reinforced con­crete structures as well as ultrasonic and reso­nating measurement for testing the elastostiffness qualities of concrete structures.