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Department of Building Technology

History of the present department began in 1954, when the Department of Building Technology was established by separation from the Deparment of Building Construction at The Faculty of Architecture and Structural Engineering. The first head of the department was Prof. M. Slabihoud. In 1981, its original name was changed to Department of Building Technology.

The department develops the science field of “construction technology” as a complex discipline, composed of mechanization of construction processes, technology of construction processes, construction of structures and buildings, complex quality management and technology of building reconstruction. The department includes “The Centre of Quality Management in Civil Engineering – CEMAKS”, which has, since 1996, prepared fast 200 construction companies by training and consulting activities for acquisition of the quality management system certificate according to ISO 9001 and many construction companies for acquisition of the integrated management system certificate according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and STN OHSAS 18001. Since 1998, CEMAKS itself has held the quality management system certificate according to ISO 9001. The department possesses also a laboratory for non-destructive examination of building materials and structures. In 2004, the Centre of Sights Renovation Technology was founded at the department, focusing on the field of preparation and realization of architectural cultural heritage renovation.

The Center participates in teaching of all specializations of study at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Slovak Technical University, which prepare students for work in the field of structural engineering. It is the guarantor of three study programs in the specialization “Civil engineering”: Construction Technologies and Management (Bc. level), Construction Technology (Ing. level) and Construction Technology (PhD. level). The department trains experts mostly for construction preparation and realization and quality management. Every year, the department produces 60 - 80 successful graduates.

In the area of science & research (domestic and foreign grants), the department deals with problems of basic and applied research in the field of construction preparation, realization and maintenance, reconstruction, revitalization, building structural diagnostics, bio-corrosion of building materials and frameworks, construction process modelling, and complex coverage of construction quality. The department cooperates at the level of education and science & research  with universities in England, USA, Australia, Germany, Italy etc.

The development of the department was most significantly contributed to by the following professors: Prof. M. Slabihoud, Prof. B. Kintly, Prof. I.Zapletal, Prof. J. Gašparík, and the following associate professors: doc. Gejza Ložek, doc. V. Klímek,  doc. I. Juríček, doc. O. Makýš, doc. K. Vlček, doc. I. Fickuliak, doc. J. Kolárik, doc. M. Božík, and doc. P. Makýš.