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Department of Transportation Engineering
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Department of Transportation Engineering
Faculty of Civil Engineering, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

Tibor Schlosser
Radlinskeho Street 11, block A, 4th floor, 813 68 Bratislava 15
Head of department: Ing. Tibor Schlosser, CSc.
Tel.: 59274 706
E-mail: kdos@svf.stuba.sk

Department of Transportation Engineering originated from the Institute of Transportation which was established together with the Slovak University of Technology, in 1938, and was lead by prof. K. Křivanec. This department, from the beginning to present days, takes a significant part on the education of Slovak and foreign transportation engineering specialist. Prof. K. Křivanec, prof. F. Sklenář, prof. M. Marek, prof. Š. Chochol, Ing. I. Poliaček, prof. Ľ. Rondoš, prof. V. Medelská and prof. I. Gschwendt conduced to it personally.
Today, the Department of Transportation Engineering is the leading department for the education of bachelors, engineers (MSc.) and doctoral (PhD.) students in the following specialisations: road and railways engineering, planning and design of urban roads, traffic engineering. It prepares its students to solve complicated transportation engineering problems of all kinds.
Graduates obtain the newest knowledge about world engineering and research in the field of planning, design, construction and maintenance of roads, motorways, railways and airports as well as urban roads.
The Department was one of the first workplaces of The Slovak University of Technology involved in European educational projects of co-operation. Since 1991, there were several TEMPUS programmes e.g. EDIPAM, TREP, TIGER and DR TIGER. 
The Department continues with the prosperous international cooperation with the prestige European universities and research institutions through these projects. This cooperation represents a potential for effective present and future cooperation in education and research in the field of Transportation engineering.
Each year, the excellent students have an opportunity to participate in the International Students Mobility framework especially  in the summer Workshop City and Traffic, with a participation of students and supervisors from many European countries.
The Department's scientific and experimental facilities enable to solve the following research problems:

  • The theory of planning, design and operation of various types of communications and transport facilities connected with their capacity and environmental sustainability,
  • The quality of road-building materials and energy consumption during road construction and during road and railway network operation,
  • The surface characteristics and the service efficiency of road pavements and a pavement management system
The experimental base of the Department is equipped with special instrumentation suitable for: testing of physical-mechanical characteristics of road building materials, measuring the static and dynamic loading tests on roads constructions and measuring of roads surface characteristics.