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Department of Languages

The staff of the Department of Languages continuously draws up text-books and materials. In the last five years, four German and two English text-books have been published.

1German L.: Pálová, A.: Fachsprache nicht nur in der Hochschulausbildung, Bratislava STU 2004, ISBN 80-227-2089-5

2German L.: Pálová, A.: Deutch unter uns, Bratislava STU 2004, ISBN 80-227-2090-9

3German L.: Pálová, A.: Deutch im Bauwesen, Bratislava STU 2006, ISBN 80-227-2508-0

4German L.: Ondrejkovičová, D.: Übungsbuch der Deutschen Grammatik I. - Bausen, Bratislava STU 2008, ISBN 978-80-227-2863-8


1English L: Filipoiu, T.: English not only for Civil Engineers, Bratislava STU 2004, ISBN 80-227-2092-5

2English L.: Habajová, I., Špildová, D.: English in Civil Engineering, Bratislava STU 2005, ISBN 80-227-2231-6


 A member of our staff is the editor-in-chief of the Friendship, the magazine intended for the  students of the secondary schools in Slovakia and the Czech Republic as a supplementary teaching aid. By providing translations and proofreading, the Department of Languages also participates in the drawing up of the Journal of Civil Engineering and Annual Report issued annually at the Faculty of Civil Engineering.