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Department of Languages

Presently, there are ten staff members at the Department of Languages providing the teaching of the English and German Languages in the following categories:

  • the teaching of languages to first and second-year students who after taking part in seminars and passing tests are granted classified credits;
  • the teaching of languages to third-year students who complete the compulsory study of languages at the Faculty of Civil Engineering by passing an examination in the respective language;
  • the provision of seminars and examinations in the respective languages to PhD students;
  • the teaching of languages to fourth, five-year and PhD students within the UNIcert course which results in granting a certificate; the course is completed by passing a written examination including two parts and an oral examination before a special committee. Each of the languages should be accredited beforehand and is valid for three years;
  • the provision of preparatory courses to the graduates of secondary schools applying for a study in the first year;
  • the teaching of languages within the Civil Engineering Programme.