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Department of Materials Engineering and Physics

We co-organize the following conference:

News and announcement

Visit of colleagues from Poland

On June 21, colleagues from the Polish Lublin Polytechnic visited us. In addition to the discussion about our further joint scientific cooperation, doc. Grzegorz Lagod gave a seminar about his scientific activities as well as research and teaching opportunities at his workplace in Poland.
At the same time, at the Department of Mathematics and Descriptive Geometry doc. Ewa Lazuka offer a lecture "Chromaticity of graphs and hypergraphs and their selected applications".

Prefabricated Buildings

Students of the 3rd year of the study program Technology and Construction Management take part in the compulsory elective course Prefabricated Buildings with Dr. Alena Struhárová during the summer semester, they took part in two excursions, in the company Prefa Sučany, which deals with the production of various types of prefabricated products, and in the Czech Republic in the company, which deals with the implementation of low-energy and passive wooden buildings.

Ecological building with the application of hemp concrete technology. Construction site visit.

At the end of the May the members of Department of Materials Engineering and Physics have visited the construction site of the first in Bratislava individual hemp building. As the environmentally friendly technologies are in the focus of research activity of the department the close cooperation is foreseen with the producers of hemp-based building materials. The possible large horizons of joint cooperation and scientific-technical studies to be realized on the site have been discussed during the visit.

Academic Center for Ukrainian Refugees – ACURE:

Members of the Department of Materials Engineering and Physics has claimed the initiative to set up the Academic Center for Ukrainian Refugees. The project dedicated to ensuring the realization of this center and initial activities in its frame has been supported by the Dean`s office and by Visegrad Fund - Project ID #/Title: V4UA1211, Academic Center for Ukrainian Refugees – ACURE.
Within the project, we expect to create a contact point for students and professors coming to the faculty from Ukraine.
One of the first actions is a summer school for the new arrivals. The planned activities - intensive language, professional and psychological master-class, and work-shops. The action will take place from 10.07.2022 to 15.07.2022 in the faculty training base in Kocovce.
This event will invest in the fast adaptation for the students applied to continue their education at the faculty and assist to the professors to integrate in Slovak research community.
Feel free to join Facebook group of the project.
Contact persons at the deratment regarding the project :
Mgr. Maryna Babenko, Phd. 
Ing. Jakub Čurpek, PhD. 

Participation in a public videoconference Building and room acoustics:

Four members of the Department of Materials Engineering and Physics (doc. Chmelík, ing. Urbán, ing. Zelem and doctoral student ing. Biskupičová), took part in a popular public videoconference focused on building and room acoustics. The aim of the event was to present new trends in the field of building materials and construction systems, as well as new technology on the construction market and to point out the most common mistakes in the design and implementation of buildings in terms of acoustics. The conference was moderated by prof. M. Rychtáriková, who gradually discussed with the guests mainly topics related to the influence of current energy requirements on acoustic comfort and materials with special acoustic properties. The conference ended with a panel discussion on practical issues. You can watch the whole conference from the recording here.


On days 7-9. September, a regular annual international seminar on Physical and Material Engineering was held, which this year was organized by the Department of Physics in Prague (Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering). In addition to our department, the Department of Physics in Brno (Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering) also took part. Next year the seminar will take place in South Moravia.

The first place of our student at the international student scientific conference 2021 in Ostrava:

On Thursday, May 20, 2021, our student Bc. Tomáš Dilik placed first in the category "05 MI - Materials Engineering" at the international student scientific conference at the Faculty of Civil Engineering VŠB-TU in Ostrava, where he presented "Methods of improving hygroscopic and thermal-technical properties of clay plasters" under the leadership of Ing. Valérie Gregorová, PhD.. He thus successfully represented not only our department but also the entire faculty, which contributed to the fact that our university reached the first place in the ranking of university success. Congratulations!
You can find more information here.