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Department of Materials Engineering and Physics

Establishment of the department

The Department of Materials Engineering and Physics was established on January 1, 2021 by merging the Department of Materials Engineering and the Department of Physics.

From the history of the Department of Materials Engineering

Department of civil engineering at the Faculty of Architecture and Civil engineering can be recognized as a forerunner to current Department of of Materials Engineering.
In 1960, the Department of Production of Building Materials and Parts was created and later its name was changed to Department of Building Substances and Parts.
Professor H. Ramič was the first one to be in the charge of the new Department.
In 1994 the name was changed to current, Department of Materials Engineering. Ever since its foundation, the Department has been guarantor for study program Materials Engineering.
It brings up engineers for industrial production of building materials, construction research, testing and evaluation of building materials and also for bussiness activities in the field of building materials.
Department is also a training centre for post graduate students of study program "Construction Technology".
Scientific and research activity of Department is focused on now trending problems and challenges, which the science of building materials is facing nowaydays, (invention of new materials, studying their structure and properties) and on global problems and enviromentally friendly processes such as secondary use of industrial waste as a potential building materialreducing the energy dependency of human race and other enviromental risks.

Department has been cooperating and taking part in many international scientific and research projects, those created within European Union as well as those negotiated on more of a national level with partner countries such as Poland or Czech republic. Department has been also participating in projects defined by VEGA commission (slovak commission, belongs under Ministry of education and research).
At the same time, Department has also solved numerous problems for construction practice in real life, cooperating with important institutions and recognized authorities in the field of constructions and prodution, testing and application of building materials. 

Special mention of eminent personalities contributing in the development of Department through time of its existence

  • prof. V Figuš
  • prof. H. Ramič
  • Dr. J. Skalný
  • prof. V. Fraňo 

and others. Thanks to all of them.

From the history of the Department of Physics

The beginnings of the Department of Physics date back to 1939, when the Institute of Technical Physics at the Slovak University of Technology (SVŠT) was established. Its founder was prof. Dionýz Ilkovič. In 1950, the Institute of Technical Physics changed its name to the Department of Physics as part of the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of the Slovak Technical University. After the completion of the high-rise building of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in 1976, part of the staff of this department moved to the newly established Department of Theoretical and Structural Physics and Technical Equipment of Buildings at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. The whole period of existence of this department was headed by the department of theoretical physics doc. Jaroslav Kotleba as Deputy Head of the Department.
In 1994, an independent Department of Physics was established at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Its first leader became prof. Jozef Zámečník, in 2000 doc. Juraj Veselský took over the position of head, after him, during the years 2006 - 2017, the department was headed by doc. Jozefa Lukovičová and in the years 2017 - 2020 it was headed by prof. Igor Medveď.
A clear mark, especially in the field of the theory of teaching physics, was left at the department by prof. Ivan Baník.