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Department of Material Engineering
Radlinského 11, Block C, 8th floor, 810 05 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Head of Department:  Ing. Alena Struhárová, PhD.
Tel.: +421 2 32 888 685
E-mail: alena.struharova@stuba.sk 

The Department of Material Engineering covers subjects such as Basic Chemistry, Build­ing Materials, Chemistry of Building Materials, Ceramics, Binders, Concrete Technology, Pre­cast Concrete Technology and Testing.

The Department's research is focused on the utilisation of industrial waste products in cement composites and the development of composite materials based on alkali-silica bin­ders as well as the modification of properties of brick-shatter using surface-active substances and lightening materials from industrial wastes. Ex­perimental facilities in the concrete technolo­gy laboratory, the lightweight concrete labo­ratory, the ceramics laboratory, the binder la­boratory, the building chemistry laboratory, the laboratory for scanning electron-micros­copy and mercury intrusion porosimetry, the laboratory for X-ray diffraction analysis, and the laboratory for differential thermal analysis provide the logistical support for both research and education.