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Department of Steel and Timber Structures

The Department of Steel and Timber Structures is one of the leading scientific and pedagogical institutions in the field of designing steel, composite, hybrid and timber load-bearing systems. The department solves tasks that have the character of basic and applied research with results usable for practice not only in the field of construction, but also in the chemical industry, transport, energy and other sectors of the economy. The workplace has many years of experience in the field of tensometric measurements and in the general verification of the real behaviour of structures. At present, the department has 10 employees and 6 PhD students.

Offer of the department for professional practice:

  • The department offers doctoral studies in the scientific field of Theory and Construction of Civil Engineering, focus on Steel, Timber and Bridge Structures
  • High-rise and wide-span structures, thin-walled systems, composite structures, diagnostics and reconstructions, timber, special systems made of timber-based materials.
  • Postgraduate education in the areas: theoretical and structural problems of hybrid horizontal and vertical systems, structures from cold-formed profiles, design of steel structures in terms of new harmonized standards, diagnostics and reconstruction of steel and timber structures, special timber and combined support systems.
  • Processes studies of steel, composite and timber structures bridging streams and other obstacles, studies of steel structures for various sectors of the economy, high-rise and special vertical structures.
  • Supplies projects for zoning decisions, building permits and implementation projects of steel, composite and timber load-bearing structures and bridges.
  • Solves expertise of complex and large load-bearing structures. Assessment of technical condition and proposal of measures to ensure operational reliability and prolong service life. Expert assessment of structural designs for large investment units, assessment after accidents and before the considered reconstruction.
  • Provides professional consultations in the areas of: statics, dynamics, diagnostics and reconstruction of load-bearing structures.

Prístrojová vybavenosť

The laboratory of the department is equipped with a press up to 500 kN for tensile and pressure tests and a system of portable hydraulic load presses. It also owns the measuring apparatus of Hottinger Badlwin Messtechnik and National Instruments with computer evaluation of results for measuring tensometry, deformation and frequencies. Samples up to 4,5 m can be tested in the laboratory. It is equipped with various load frames for this purpose.