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Department of Steel and Timber Structures



Niko Igor

Resistance of metal beams stressed by the interaction of internal forces



Kamenická Zuzana

Selected problems of determining the fire resistance of  timber elements



Botló Michal

Sliding joints of edged masts

Fábry Michal

Selected problems of system identification of bridge structures

Surovec Lukáš

Selected problems of composite timber and concrete structures



Balcierák Ľuboš

Experimental and theoretical analysis of glass panels by impact

Brodniansky Ján

Resistance of thin-walled beams and beam structures using imperfections in the form of proper shape of stability loss

Duchoň Vladimír

Theoretical and experimental analysis of joints with glued bars

Katona Orsolya

Design methods for determining the resistance of cross-glued timber elements



Grančičová Ivana

Theoretical and structural problems of beam shell structures

Ilanovský Vladimír

Stability and strength of metal beam structures

Nittmannová Ľubica

Effect of elastomeric bearings in the bridge structure



Novysedlák Peter

Theoretical and structural problems of modern lightweight structural systems made of steel, cables and membranes





Blesák Lukáš

Influence of local reinforcement of timber and joints on the action of  timber structures

Dallemule Marian

Buckling resistance of arched structures in their plane

Proksa Dávid

Optimization of composite action in timber and concrete structures

Kusendová Margaréta

Theoretical and experimental analysis of joints of hybrid support systems

Németh Csaba

Theoretical and structural analysis of shell structures

Recký Jozef

Theoretical and structural problems of steel masts



Kowalski Lukáš

Theoretical and experimental analysis of cylindrical shell structures. Diagnostics and monitoring of exposed steel structures.


Csölleová Zsuzsanna

The Theoretical Analysis of Tensegrity Prisms



Kováč Michal

Beam resistance of metal beams and beam structures. Applications of new methods from Eurocodes

Slivanský Miloš

Experimental and theoretical verification of the resistance of glass beams

Zelenaj Anton

Development of methods for diagnosing pipelines with regard to environmental protection



Chladná Magdaléna

Fire resistance of composite stell and concrete floor structures

Sandanus Jaroslav

Ultimate resistance of composite timber and concrete structures



Tatarko Peter

Influence of the flexibility of the transverse beam connection on the interaction of the element bridge deck with the main girders of railway bridges


Ároch Rudolf

Action of steel frames with rigid and semi rigid joints