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Department of Building Construction

A new system of study introduced after 1989 at the Faculty has recently been further updated to a credit-based modular-unit system. The first part of the study, a three-year course (180 credits), leads to a bachelor's degree. It gives the student the theoretical background necessary for further specialisation together with the basics of civil engineering. To broaden the students' educational perspectives, courses in the arts and social sciences, including philosophy, sociology, law, psychology and aesthetics, have been added to the curricula.

The second part of the system, which is aimed at developing special skills in the chosen specialisation, is completed by a thesis. Its successful completion results in the award of the Diploma in Civil Engineering - Dipl. Ing. , an M.Sc. equivalent degree. This part lasts two years (120 credits) and permits students to implement their individual goals for their vocational education and specialisation. Thereafter, a four-year Ph.D. study programme in all the major theoretical civil engineering subjects is offered to students with an M.Sc. degree.

The new study plan provides three means by which foreign students can attend courses offered by the Faculty. Presently they can enter the B.Sc. and M.Sc. courses held in Slovak after taking a Slovak language course. An English-language B.Sc. and M.Sc. programmes are currently being prepared for foreign students and will initially be open to approximately 20 participants. An individual study programme is arranged for each Ph.D. candidate. The candidate is monitored by a supervisor and a commission. The study programme also includes teaching activities and a seminar in a foreign language. Ph.D. students can pursue their doctoral thesis in Slovak or a foreign language.

The civil engineering training is supported by education in foreign languages (English, Russian, German and French) at all levels of instruction provided by the Department of Languages. Instruction in the Slovak language is also offered for foreign students. An extensive offering of athletic activities by the Department of Physical Education  also supports the engi­neering training.