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Radlinského 11, blok C, 2. posch., 813 68 Bratislava 15
Head of office: Ing. Silvia Stasselová
Tel.: +421259274 494
E-mail: stassel@svf.stuba.sk

Library and Information Centre is one of the best equipped and most progressive among all 34 academic libraries in Slovakia. The huge reconstruction and modernization of library interior started on February 2003 and the library was reopened on September 2003. Total budget invested to reconstruction, including equipment and furniture, was at the amount of approx. 390 000 EUR. Library and Information Centre offers lending services from more than 100 000 publications; wide range of domestic and foreign periodicals and individual learning facilities at the space of modern 2-floor study room; modern database centre with 20 PCs with access to many foreign scientific databases and electronic information sources and progressive document delivery service for all library users.